Bathroom Remodeling

How It Works


Bath Fitter Virtual Online Consultation

We Meet with you, understand your needs, and take measurements.


Bath Fitter - Measuring Process

We make the molding specific for your tub.


Bath Fitter - Installation Process

Installation - you can expect it to be finished in as little as ONE day!

Professionally Remodeled Bathroom

The Luxury You Deserve

Skip the difficult bath remodeling process—BATH FITTER offers beautiful acrylic bathtubs and bathtub liners that go beyond ordinary bathtub resurfacing. Our custom-made tub liners aren’t just a temporary solution, either. You’ll get top-notch acrylic bathtubs and tub surrounds with a lifetime warranty, valid for as long as you own your home! Our warranty is subject to certain limitations. See location for details.

Our bathtub remodeling services include:

No Ordinary Bathtub Door

Our shower tub doors go above and beyond normal bathtub door replacements:

Our bathtub enclosures and tub liners breathe new life into tired bathrooms by offering a new acrylic surface that’s molded to fit your existing bathtub and shower surround. With BATH FITTER, your old bath area can be transformed into a modern-day work of art in as little as one day.

Start designing your new bathroom here, or schedule a free in-home consultation today.

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